Talk by Kendell Geers @ INSERT2014 [pdf]

Kendell Geers
Kendell Geers, New Delhi, 31 January 2014
(Artist Talk, INSERT2014 Opening)

Marcel Duchamp has inspired countless reams and rhymes of analysis and interpretation, but still the magic persists and he remains as enigmatic and mysterious an artist today as he was in 1917. From a contemporary artist’s perspective, Kendell Geers adds one more interpretation and invents another way of seeing the old man of history as a shaman. The talk by Kendell Geers for the opening of INSERT2014, in part history, in part fantasy, in part channeling the spirit of Duchamp himself, a lecture, a performance, a fantasy and another way of seeing his story, can be downloaded as a pdf from the link below.

DOWNLOAD <<Tu Marcellus Eris (Following the Blind Man) by Kendell Geers>>

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