Annotation {7 to 14}

{07} What I found most appropriate was the name ‘INSERT2014′. It does just that: ‘inserts’ a few dialogues in one’s mind. “The policeman slapped me in the name of law, and I struck him in the name of freedom.” This line on a print on a wall created an instant connect. I could write dialogues

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{03} A discovery zone – that’s what INSERT2014 has been to me. Where the self, seeing and reading the space of Mati Ghar, as well as the publication, encounters and navigates between different departure points. Where diverse practices constantly make one uncomfortable in the mind, and physically. Take, for instance, the work of Katarzyna Kozyra.

Annotation {02} The Strength to Tell Stories

INSERT2014 was a profoundly disquieting experience for me. Under one roof there were photographs, videos, art installations, room installations, performances, screening and conversations: the anomalous, the common, the political and the luminous leaping into each other, bouncing off each other, making puny each other’s despair and the violence of our world. ‘The ability to exchange

Annotation {01} Possibilities and Impossibilities in INSERT2014

INSERT2014 is a provocative space put together by a collection of enchanting processes that have been intensively engaging with different materials through years of rigorous research, severe exercises, and precise deployment of chance. Particularly in mind are Eyal Weizman’s journeys in architectural forensics, Ivana Franke’s drills with light, and Tomas Saraceno’s chances with a group