New Models for Common Ground
Re-imagining the Question of Cultural Infrastructure
An INSERT2014 project
And made possible with the generous support of
India Foundation for the Arts, Bangalore

Discovering Delhi’s potential for being hospitable to an exciting life of culture and contemporary art through the imaginative re-usage and adaptation of existing spaces and infrastructure. A provocation for artists and cultural practitioners to discover and propose ideas that can be leveraged, adapted and transformed to lay the foundations for a distinct and dynamic art and culture scene.

In 2013, Raqs Media Collective sent out an open call for speculations from artists, curators, scholars, writers & poets, architects, cultural practitioners, activists, culture researchers, critics, media practitioners and engaged art enthusiasts for the re-imagination of spaces and cultural infrastructure in Delhi. The curatorial intention of this call and project has been to find and articulate fresh ways of thinking around a wide selection of spaces, the range of which includes public libraries, auditoriums, and community centers, amongst others, to inaugurate a rethinking of ‘place’ in contemporary art as an active presence, and the foregrounding of the poetics of usage as a vital axis of art’s inhabitation with life and its potential.

25 selected proposals feature as one of the axes of INSERT2014, at Mati Ghar, IGNCA, and are also part of the INSERT2014 publication. They are by:

Akansha Rastogi | Akshata Naik + Barnet Alex Varghese + Jithinlal + Teja Gavankar + Venkataraman Divakar + Vibin George | Alec Shepley | Anagram Architects | Aryakrishnan Ramakrishnan + Karthik KG | Atom Collective | Chandni Arun Narendra | CRIT Studio | Heidi Fichtner | Hemavathy Guha | Himali Singh Soin | Indrani Baruah | Janine Ramlochan | kOSh | Layout Collective | Manuela Ciotti | Naresh Kumar | Naveen Mahantesh | Paribartana Mohanty | Parul Gupta + Gagandeep Singh | Samarjeet Behera | Solomon Benjamin | Sikan Kumar Panda | Surajit Sarkar | Vinay Seth

Selected proposals will be invited for further conversation on the possibility of realisation, with India Foundation for the Arts, Bangalore, over the coming years.

Download a PDF about the spaces <<Common Ground – LIST OF SPACES>>
Read the call <<HERE>>
Download the publication